Darrell Hardy -kunniavierashaastattelu


Meillä oli mahdollisuus kysyä muutama kysymys tule​valta kunniavieraaltamme ennen hänen matkaansa tänne kaukaiseen Suomeen!


Greetings! We would like to warmly welcome you to our convention. We are thrilled to have you join us! Before coming to Finland, did you have any thought how it might be?

I grew up in Minnesota, which has a lot of Finnish immigrants, so without thinking, I assumed it would be like home: long snowy winters, short hot summers full of insects, and... something about reindeer. (We don't have reindeer in Minnesota – just lots of regular deer – but I've always associated them with Finland.)


How would you describe yourself professionally?

I describe myself as a writer, game designer, and storyworld architect. The first two bits are self-explanatory, but “storyworld architect” is a term I coined myself to describe my philosophy when it comes to world-building: story comes first, and provides the foundation on which the rest of the world is built.


Is there anything in special you are looking forward to in Tracon?

I understand the cosplay at Tracon is amazing, so I'm looking forward to seeing it first-hand! I have no skill in costuming myself, but I admire how much work and dedication goes into each costume, and I love looking at the results.


What is your best convention memory?

Wow. I've attended so many conventions, both as a fan and as an exhibitor, it's really hard to say. One of my best memories would be my very first GenCon, when I purchased the latest edition of Night Life, a horror RPG my friends and I were huge fans of, and got to meet the creators behind the game. They were friendly, enthusiastic, and graciously willing to sign my copy. I still have the book on my shelf, and consider its creator one of my oldest professional friends.


Do you have anything you would like to say to the attendees coming to Tracon?

Leave your worries behind and enjoys the fun and games! The hassles and horrors of real life will still be there when you get home. Forget them for now and embrace the joy of imagination!


Traconissa Hardy tulee luennoimaan aiheesta Crafting Storyworlds: A New Approach to World-Building. Hardy myös vastaa kysymyksiin ja kertoo omasta historiastaan pelimaailmassa ja sen rajalla Q&AHardy-kunniavierashaastattelussa. Innokkaimmille on lisäksi tarjolla mahdollisuus päästä jutustelemaan miehen kanssa kahvikupposen ääressä Kaffeeklatchissa.


Haastattelijana Chiina, Tracon 9 kunniavierasvastaava.